It has been over fifteen years since I made my last group of box constructions. Included here are the first three pieces from a new series of twelve. I started making constructions as models to solve compositional problems on drawings, and then found that the models were at least as interesting as the drawings. The earliest constructions were black and white studies consisting of balsa wood glued to paper. They were displayed in a glass covered wooden box. Over the years, the materials have gained scale, color, and weight, and the box itself has served to define the picture plane.

For Those Who Wait, is based on the experience of meeting Christian artists in Guatemala, and attempting to understand their lives and faith perspective. The central wooden shrine once held figures of saints for a household altar. The Appointed Hour was begun for an invitational show in Los Angeles on the theme of the millennium. Many of the parts in this piece were collected from the Bethlehem Steel factory in Harrisburg, just prior to its closing. The strong sense of history passing was evident in the factory, which contained a warehouse of perhaps a century worth of casting patterns. Animated here in a diptych format, I have tried to spiritualize these common forms.

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